Damaged Goods

We make every effort to check each individual book before we package and dispatch orders as we know the frustration and disappointment in receiving a flawed book. We accept that mistakes and incidents can occur during this process. If you receive a wrong item or an item purchased incurs any damage in transit, we will replace the item with a new one where possible. In the event that we cannot replace an item, we will issue a refund.

Please be aware that not every flaw is considered by us to be ‘damage’. If you feel you have received a damaged book, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will assess the damage. Any claims must be submitted to us – with evidence – within 14 days of delivery. We review each concern on an individual basis but the below are our general guidelines.

Does Qualify As Damage

  • Significant damage over to outer book – tear, rip, cut, scratch, dents or excessively crushed edges/corners etc.
  • More than one ripped or bent page that affects the content of the book
  • Stains, discoloration, residue or marks etc. that cannot be removed
  • Wrongly signed or unsigned items that arrive other than advertised
  • Production defects (such as missing pages etc.)
  • Incorrectly folded dust jackets
  • Extreme blur to stencilled edges
  • Water damage

Does Not Qualify

  • Light scratches, marks or removable residue etc.
  • Minimal creasing, wrinkles or dents etc. to the book or dust jacket (including corners)
  • General shelf wear
  • Loose or misaligned dust jackets
  • Unevenly sprayed/blemished edges or bleeding onto pages
  • Slight blur to stencilled edges
  • Wavy pages
  • Manufacturing imperfections (such as imperfect foiling to boards)

In the event that we determine that you have received a damaged copy, we will work with you to issue a replacement or refund where appropriate. We may not issue a refund until the faulty copy has been returned to us, or until you have destroyed/defaced the book in a way that renders it unsellable, and provided proof to us.

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