The Tainted Cup – Q1 2024 Subscription Edition

by Robert Jackson Bennett
First UK Edition, First Printing
Signed & Numbered
Limited to 600 numbered copies


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Our Q1 2024 Subscription Book! This is an informational listing, and not currently available for sale outside of the subscription. More information about our subscription can be found here. All current subscribers will receive a copy of this book.

In an opulent mansion at the borders of the Empire, an Imperial officer lies dead – killed when a tree spontaneously erupted from his body. Even here, where contagions abound and the blood of the Leviathans works strange magical changes, it’s a death at once terrifying and impossible.

Called in to solve the crime is Ana Dolabra, an investigator whose reputation for brilliance is matched only by her eccentricity. At her side is her new assistant, Dinios Kol, an engraver, magically altered to possess a perfect memory.

Soon, the mystery leads to a scheme that threatens the safety of the Empire itself. For Ana, all this makes for a deliciously thorny puzzle – at last, something to truly hold her attention. And Din? He’ll just have to hold on for the ride.

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Publication Date

February 6th, 2024


First UK Edition, First Printing


Signed & Numbered


Stencilled Foredge, Sprayed Edges


Limited to 600 numbered copies

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